About Me

Mt Diablo

Honesty, Integrity and communication are essential in any transaction, but they are especially important when selling your home. I believe when you hire an agent to sell your home that agent should be there every step of the way, not a team member, escrow coordinator or assistant but the agent you hired! I take pride in the fact the I treat every real estate transaction as if I was selling or buying my own home. I believe that an informed client is a happy client. You want to know what’s going on with your transaction and how in compares to other homes in your neighborhood.

I take a pragmatic approach to real estate, studying and analyzing the housing market to see how the data is trending and where it will take us tomorrow. Hiring an agent with market expertise is important, you need somebody who knows the market, your area and neighborhood. Somebody with a clear understanding of not just what’s going on with housing nationally and regionally but most importantly locally. I like to get out and walk the neighborhoods I market, it gives me a better understanding of what’s going on in that neighborhood and helps create a personal connection with the people that live there, I may have even dropped off a flyer on your doorstep.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, grew up in Pleasant Hill and Concord. I am a Graduate of San Francisco State University with BA in Economics. I launched into real estate in 2005 and as a relentless student of all things economics, especially housing I study and analyze the housing market daily. I received an invaluable education as the market took a downturn in 2007, when market reality finally caught up with irrational exuberance. This helped shape my realistic and pragmatic approach to real estate.

I’ve worked in the Electronics and Bio-tech Industries but it was real estate that allowed me to put my Economics background to work. When I’m not selling real estate I’m most likely reading or hiking and photographing our wonderful east bay hills.

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