Selling a home with  pets

Your pets are part of the family and selling a home can be just as stressful to them as it is to you. The number one question realtors get from home sellers with pets, especially those with dogs, is "what do I do with my pets while my home is being shown?" The answer is always the same " You should remove them from the home or segregate them  while it's being shown"  not bad advice as it limits liability to the home owner and protects the pet and visiting buyers from any potential altercations, but is it practical advice? If you work all day are you able to take off at anytime and walk your dog? are you comfortable locking them outside, in the garage or a bedroom all day?  Hire a real estate agent who can sell your home and help keep your pets safe and happy.


Dogs can be the biggest challenge when trying to sell your home. They can be very protective of their territory and don't much care for strangers meandering through their home commenting on your taste in home décor. Dogs shouldn't be left alone in the home with buyers, even the most friendly,docile and well meaning pup can become stressed and frightened. As your agent I will work with you to schedule viewings around the comfort and safety of your dog, even if that means walking them when you can't  


Cats are generally easier to care for than dogs when selling your home. Indoor/outdoor cats will just take off and not be bothered by buyers walking through their home, Its's just an annoying inconvenience to them. Indoor cats however can be challenge. They can become scared and stressed as strangers move about through their home. All it takes is one careless agent or buyer to leave a door momentarily open giving the stressed kitty an escape route. 

How I Can Help

Selling a home is stressful enough without the added worry of wondering if your pets are safe while buyers and  agents visit your home.  Before I got into real estate I had a bad experience with a careless agent and my dog. Agents work for you and your family, your pets are part of the family and should be treated that way. That's why I take special care of sellers with pets.

We’re Changing the Way You Sell Your Home

Marketing and selling a home with pets can be stressful. But with proper planning, communication and an agent willing to help, your home will sell quickly and your pets will remain safe, secure and happy.


Selling with pets can be a challenge

Your agent works for you and your family, and that includes your pets.


Educating  Agents and Buyers

Educating potential home buyers and their agents is key. Making sure they are aware of pets on the premises is extremely important.
We can do this with signage, MLS comments and very specific home viewing instructions.

Your Schedule is important

Ask any agent what you should do with your pets while your home is being shown and you'll get the same answer, "It would be best if they weren't there" Good  advice but not very practical for those with a  busy schedule. We can work together to come up with a showing schedule that works for you, me and potential home buyers.

Making Myself Available

Selling your home is a priority, Doing everything I can to achieve that goal while keeping your pets safe may mean I have to rearrange my schedule to accomplish it. I will make myself available for showings and inspections if you can't be there. I've never met a dog I didn't like or a dog that didn't like me. It just may require an acquaintance meeting, people hire dog walkers all the time. Let your Real Estate agent earn his commission.

Seller Services

Pet Policy

Selling a home with pets can be challenging. You’re agent works for you and your family and should help you address these challenges .

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