Counseling Services

Professional Representation
We will review the details of our professional
relationship with you,
including our role and duties to you while
representing you in the sale of your
property. We will always deal fair and honestly.
Your transaction will always be handled with the
 care and diligence it requires

Competitive Market Analysis
I will thoroughly and thoughtfully analyze the
current local real estate market to correctly
determine the most effective list price and likely
 sales price for your home.

Needs Determination
I will conduct an interview with you to determine
 your property sale needs and goals. This will allow
 to develop a specific, targeted marketing plan
and pricing strategy for selling your property

Strategic Price Counseling
I will provide you with the most recent and relevant
sales data and educate you about current market
We will work together to competitively
position your property
to sell quickly.

Seller Disclosures
With your help, I will prepare a written disclosure
packet about the condition of your home in order
to best assist prospective buyers in preparing an offer.
Additionally, I will keep this disclosure
packet current
by noting any changes to the property as or if they
occur as soon as they are made known to me. Please see
 “Consumers Guide to Disclosures” in this packet


Marketing & Communication

Multiple Listing Service
By promoting your property in the local       Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I will ensure maximum impact is achieved by increasing total market exposure.

eMarketing Advantage
We will feature your property on all the major real estate websites including but not limited to,, Zillow, Trulia and others. We take internet marketing of your property very seriously as this is where the  majority of home buyers  start  their home search.

National Brand & Local Advertising
Better Homes & Gardens is the #1 Brand Real Estate company online. had over 44 million visits in 2015

BHG Digital Platforms    
Coldwell Banker’s proprietary cross platform digital system “Zap” allows me to directly reach out and evaluate potential home buyers for your property.

Promotion to Other Brokers
Thanks to our connections to the top agents in our local community plus other Coldwell Banker affiliated brokers and sales associates around the world, I will increase your home’s visibility.

BHG Brand Yard Sign
With your permission I will distinguish your home and ensure community interest by placing a Coldwell Banker brand sign on your    property.

 Marketing Activity Report
Until your home is sold, I will keep you fully informed of competitive market conditions, buyer activity, and every showing by me and all other agents. I will keep you informed of feedback and interest in your home.

Transaction Management

Seller Disclosures
With your help, I will prepare the written disclosure documents about the condition of your home in order to best assist prospective buyers in preparing an offer.  Additionally, I will keep the disclosures current by noting any changes to the property. Please see the “Consumers Guide to Disclosures” in this packet for further detail.

Contracts & Documentation
On your behalf, I will review, advise and negotiate at your direction — all purchase offers, addendums and  requests made by the buyer.

Closing the Sale
I will monitor and keep you informed of your transaction throughout the entire closing process.

Customer Service

Personal and Timely Response
I will return every phone call and email promptly in addition to providing you with weekly progress reports about the       marketing of your home.

Upfront Honesty & Integrity
You will always be treated with the honesty and the integrity you deserve.

You will not be handed of to an assistant! 
I will personally handle your transaction from start to finish.